Organic Lawn Care Service is Coming to Richmond

Bob Whitt and Family - Owner, Clean Air Lawn Care RichmondBob Whitt’s team of GrassMasters will offer mowing, blowing, trimming, edging, blowing/cleanup, as well as Clean Air Lawn Care’s specialized organic treatment services.

Click here for a full list of sustainable lawn care services offered. You can contact Bob by phone at (707) 536-8845, by email at, or request a lawn care estimate on this site.

Organic lawn care was designed and destined for the Richmond region.

What were you doing before Clean Air Lawn Care?

I worked at Hanford Applied Restoration and Conservation Company for 5 years as a superintendent.

I was a superintendent of multiple construction projects, including wetland restoration, stream restoration, re-vegetation, site work, utilities, drainage, and concrete structures. I coordinated and directed personnel, subcontractors, and oversaw material delivery. I was responsible for interpreting plans and specifications, and working directly with project inspectors, surveyors and engineers.

How did you learn about Clean Air Lawn Care?

I learned about Clean Air Lawn Care last fall. I was looking online for a new career; one I could do myself as an owner/operator. I had the idea of starting a landscaping company using all solar operated equipment, actually.  Long story short – I found Clean Air Lawn Care and after talking to Kelly I decided to get on board and utilize the experience Clean Air Lawn Care has to help me be successful in my new career direction.

What interested you in Clean Air Lawn Care?

I am interested in Clean Air Lawn Care because I think this is the direction that this planet needs to head towards so we can become more environmentally active in our communities.

What attracted you to the franchise model?

I initially was just researching franchises across the board. Clean Air Lawn Care is an established business with a solid model and focuses on environmental responsibility, so it was a win-win for me.

After going to the training with the Clean Air Lawn Care crew, I realized we share very similar thought processes, all with the intent to reach the goal of practicing sustainable lawn care. We all have similar outlooks on how we’d run a business and how the business would go for us.

What sets Clean Air Lawn Care apart in the lawn care industry?

Clean Air Lawn Care stands alone in this industry because we are the first to develop and practice sustainable and organic lawn care and turn it into a working business model that is now operating in most major cities.

Why will Clean Air Lawn Care succeed in Richmond?

Clean Air Lawn Care will succeed in this Northern Virginia location because we have a very strong mindset surrounding sustainable practices in all aspects of life.  There are progressive thinkers everywhere and the green movement is pretty strong in this area.

Who should hire Clean Air Lawn Care in Richmond?

This business model is going to be accepted by homeowners, local businesses and county and city locations.  I think that everyone will be really excited that somebody has brought organic lawn care to Richmond County and will want to be a part of it.

Outside of Clean Air Lawn care, how else do you promote sustainability?

My family has been practicing sustainability for our household for quite some time now. We recycle, we use alternative fuels, and solar panels for our cabin.  My previous job position as a Superintendent for Hanford ARC practiced all aspects of sustainability/conservation with a high level of success.

How can people contact Clean Air Lawn Care Richmond?

You can contact us by phone at (707) 536-8845, email at or request a lawn care estimate on our website – Clean Air Lawn Care Richmond.

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